27 May, 2020
Customs brokerage services in all customs posts in DE, NL, BE, LT

About us

We are a company specialized in supplying customs brokerage services for a number of years. These services are provided in these countries of the European Union: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Lithuania.
We are helping our customers to find the most time- and cost-effective solutions in customs procedures for the loads that are transported via the above mentioned countries. For example, your goods are transported in shipping containers from China to Lithuania and on their way the containers are reloaded from one ship onto the other in Germany. Maybe it would be useful for you to carry out customs formalities in Germany? In such case you would receive your goods in Lithuania already in a status of Community goods and no more customs formalities will be needed there; with this you could also save some part of customs duty, more information.
Our customers – companies involved in spedition, transportation and other logistics services, importers and exporters. We enjoy their positive feedback regarding the solutions of customs formalities we offer and the quality of services provided. Contact us and we will help you to find the best solutions for your business!
Partners: Lithuanian company of customs services UAB "Muita", AEO certified.


T: +370 640 32232


TSV Zollagentur und Spedition, UAB
Address: Vakaro g. 14
LT-00104 Palanga, Lithuania
Company code 302519961
VAT code LT100005497110

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